Optimization: profit’s best friend

How to properly optimize your campaigns?

Previously, we told you how to properly test campaigns at the beginning and get first impressions and clicks.

Optimization is done by various methods, usually from general and simple ones to more specific and complex.

Optimization by creatives and prelandings.

Creative is the first thing that the user sees, so it’s the best way to check his reaction. Pick 2-3 of the creatives with the highest CTR and go ahead!
The same process applies to prelandings. Remove the ineffective ones, leaving only those that show the necessary CR.

Optimization by header and body.

In header and body we always suggest to use our macros (for example, Country: [[COUNTRY]], Region: [[REGION]]). The statistics confirm the fact that users react much better to personalized ads. You can read more about macros at this link.

Optimization by the previous two methods can be done based largely on CTR.

As soon as you get the first conversions, you can turn on optimization by zones . Add to a blacklist those that did not bring any conversions and did have a poor CTR for a few days. And don't forget about the convenient CPA Goal tool that allows you to optimize your CPM and CPC campaigns based on the cost per conversion. You can read more about CPA Goal here .

You can also work the other way around - create a separate campaign with a whitelist of zones that work well, and raise the rates. Don't forget that traffic volumes are also affected by the "frequency" parameter.
We strongly suggest to keep running campaigns without the whitelist so you don't miss the new converting quality sources.

Don't forget to analyze other targets - browser, platform, display time, OS.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them to your manager or in the Galaksion chat on Telegram .