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Save time and save money by registering with the Galaksion network. You'll receive a code to place in your site. And start earning.
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We offer some of the best payout rates in the industry. Get maximum returns from your traffic.
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We offer a whole range of mobile and desktop ad formats that lead to the results you want.
Still looking for the right format? Contact the Galaksion support center for a quick and efficient remedy.
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Payouts from Galaksion are fast and reliable. Receive payments according to your own individual schedule.
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You can count on Galaksion to provide maximum control of random offers. Your site and those who visit it are never adversely affected by malware and unsanctioned advertising.
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With Galaksion you get exclusive access to quality advertisers and their most profitable conditions.

Success stories

Language: Arabic
Category: Online videos
Traffic by countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco
Review: I collaborate with the Galaksion network for two reasons. First, its support team is responsive, highly qualified, and very responsive. Secondly, it functions perfectly in technological terms. Sp I recommend this network to those who want to monetize their web-presence in a convenient and efficient manner.

Language: English
Category: Online videos
Traffic by countries: India
Review: It was a friend of mine who recommended Galaksion as a very good network to cooperate with. Their team of account managers is fantastic. I would like to mention my personal manager, Julia Brooks. She is always quick to respond whenever a need arises. At the same time, she is skilled, experienced and professional enough to resolve any issue ASAP. Galaksion is definitely my recommendation to other website owners.

Language: Russian
Category: Books
Traffic by countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Review: My monetization activities are swift, smooth, and efficient with Galaksion. I use their direct link and push notifications. As far as I know, they work with all the possible countries. My advice for those who have 1000+ users and more with their mobile traffic – you should try to apply.

Language: English
Category: Online videos
Traffic by countries: India
Review: We started to work with Galaksion 8 or 9 months. As a result we can assure you, with full certainty, that Galaksion is a great platform of choice for both publishers and advertisers determined to improve their business performance. We also see that the network is constantly striving to do its best. We hope for our long-term and fruitful cooperation with them.

Language: English
Category: MP3
Traffic by countries: India, US
Review: Galaksion is a wonderful ad network for sites associated with our category and geos! They really care about your success. They understand that this is their success as well. I like not only the results, but also the way of their cooperation with publishers. Those guys universally respond in a timely fashion, with utmost politeness.
I had worked with a bigger network, one of the top-3. Galaksion is far superior to that network.
Language: English
Category: Online videos and MP3
Traffic by countries: India
Review: The Galaksion ad network provides great customer assistance and makes a wide variety of ad support services available for its customers, which I like most. Also, I like this ad network because it gives me a high CPM rate in comparison with other pop ad networks. In addition, Galaksion’s timely payments are important too in this respect. Their ads are safe for my web presence and Google-friendly.
Galaksion functions as a dashboard service. As such, it gives me complete transparency over the data we collect, as well as detailed reports and real-time ad activity monitoring.
My personal account manager, Dasha, is very well-trained and experienced in what she is doing. She offers her support via Skype which allows me to provide information about my queries. I can always discuss my queries with her and Dasha immediately starts working on them. Her speed of service is very fast. Besides, Dasha shares useful tips and step-by-step guidance to optimize advertising on my website.

Language: English
Category: MP3
Traffic by countries: India and Pakistan
Review: I am glad to have joined the Galaksion ad network. This channel lives up to my expectations, I usually generate the revenue I expect to generate from it. Sometimes, certain ups and downs come and go, but their team's suggestions and help me to make my revenue stable.
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