Frequency: how to make the most of your campaign


Frequency is one of the most important settings on Galaksion Self-Service Platform (SSP). This setting defines a number of impressions (capping) per specific time period (frequency) to one particular user. For short we call these two parameters together with one word - “frequency”. For example, with capping/frequency 1/24 a user will be seeing your ad 1 time every 24 hours. You can choose any number of capping from 1 to 99 for a frequency from 1 to 24 hours. Now let's talk about which parameters will give the best result.

Our managers often hear that the best capping/frequency value is 1/24 (i.e. 1 impression per 24 hours). This partly exists due to advertisers' fears that increasing the number of impressions will lead to higher spend without a conversion increase. Fortunately, in fact the situation is different.

After analyzing thousands of campaigns, we can certainly say that 1/24 is not always the optimal value, and raising it does not mean multiple excessive costs. On the contrary, raising capping almost always means an increased number of conversions.

In many campaigns with different offers, geos and targets we see a situation, where the second and the third impressions often have a much higher CR (conversion rate). The dependence of this parameter from the number of impressions is shown on the graph below.

Why is this happening? Even if the offer is good, users do not always notice it right away. Even if they click the ad, they do not always perform the desired action afterwards. That is why it is important to show them the ad 2, 3 or even more times for some offers. The screenshot below clearly shows that the first impression (capping/frequency 1/24) has lower CR than when we increase the capping to 2, 3 or 4 impressions.

Correctly set values of capping/frequency can increase the traffic volume of your campaign from 5 to 50% (for example, with capping/frequency 5/1 - 5 impressions per 1 hour per user). Also keep in mind that if you want to maximize the number of impressions, you need to change the first value (capping - number of impressions), and not the second (frequency - time period).

Another important point is the difference between values such as 2/24 and 1/12. You might think they are equal, but they are not. The system works in such a way that with capping/frequency 2/24 both impressions will happen within a few hours. While with capping/frequency 1/12 the user will see the ad 2 times per day with a minimum interval of 12 hours.

In conclusion we would like to note once again that 1/24 values are not a universal solution and you should not be afraid to experiment with capping/frequency. The optimal values are different in each case - duplicate your campaign with higher values and you will see the result!

Our managers are always happy to help you get more profit, so feel free to contact us.

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