Why You Should Work with Galaksion as a Webmaster: 10 Reasons


There are plenty of advertising networks to choose from right now. Indeed, when it comes to digital marketing, the range of available options includes both giants and small niche platforms. They all offer their own competitive advantages, key regions, high priority advertising formats, and additional bonuses. In other words, it may be a challenge to find the most suitable partner in such an environment.

However, we are convinced that we are in the right position to provide you with the right set of features meeting your needs! So here are the 10 reasons why you should opt for collaborating with Galaksion.

1. Scale

When website owners think about ways to monetize their traffic, they tend to think about well-known giants. In some instances such an approach may be justified, since, at first sight, it makes sense to join an enormous pool of publishers associated with a big network. At the same time, this very consideration may be a source of error.

The fact is that cooperation with giants often means ‘one-size fits all’ policies implying:

- lack of flexibility regarding your niche and unique position

- potentially inadequate and excessively strict rules

- non-transparency and threats of malware

As for Galaksion (and similar companies), out network (while being smaller) offers you global coverage together with more personalized services, custom solutions, and individual approach.

2. Variety of advertising formats

This point is a logical extension of the previous one. With us you can really do A LOT. On the one hand, our network is experienced in the good old classical formats, such as banners, pop ups and pop unders. On the other hand, we are also striving to promote more advanced ones. And what is even of greater importance, we have successfully adapted to the changing technological and regulatory situation related to ad blockers and stricter rules.

So, with Galaksion you can relax and monetize. We will find a proper option for you. We will keep an eye on the way it performs. And we will certainly help you get adjusted if you have to.

3. Safety and reliability

We know that our business is extremely competitive, with countless digital ad networks trying to succeed. Our team members are well aware of the fact the reputation really matters. That is why we would never let mistrust get in the way of our cooperation.

It means:

- there will be no malware. Never ever

- each and every ad served will be legal and transparent

- no manipulations and miscalculations 

We say what we mean.

4. Professional assistance

Once your site has been approved and you’ve joined our network, a personal account manager will be assigned to work with you. We make sure that every member of Galaksion’s team is qualified and responsive. You can contact him or her anytime. They will do their best to resolve any issue and answer any relevant question ASAP.

5. Our Self-Service Platform

Ok, let’s assume that you don’t want to be in touch with an account manager. In fact, there are many webmasters who have enough resources and expertise to monetize their websites alone. In this case, you are free to sign up with our SSP.

We have already published a couple of articles about it. You can easily find this info. Just believe us: our SSP is an outstanding solution! And it will be even more outstanding very soon!

6. Global coverage

Our scope of operations is not limited to a single range of regions. You can dedicate your monetization efforts to any geo you chose. You name it!

Is it an Arabic-speaking country? Be our guest!

Indonesia? Sure!

India? No problem at all (in fact, India is one of our best performing ones)!


Interested in an additional monetization channel? Try out push notifications to make even more money. If your website is capable of building a sufficient subscription base, you will easily and quickly propel your income to new heights.

After all, if your audience is loyal and engaged enough, there is no reason not to try it: it is a popular, up-to-date, clean, and efficient option. Being a double opt-in option sent with adequate frequency, our push notifications will surely make you feel good.

8. Payment flexibility

There are many ways to receive money from us. As for your frequency, we can negotiate different options as well: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even daily in some cases (as well as NET-0, NET-7, NET-15, and NET-30).

9. Pleasant bonuses 

We love our customers. That is why we like to offer special surprises from time to time. Normally, such surprises are arranged for the attendees we meet at industry events, our subscribers, etc. So, if you join us, stay tuned.

10. Money

We pay more than many other networks. For sure, rates may vary depending on your region, niche, and traffic. However, if you are our customer, you may be sure that you get what you earn.

We hope that we have managed to persuade you to try our network. It is easy! So don’t lose time :)


Please, remember that the minimum payment amount is normally 100 USD. So if you join us and change your mind a little bit later, you will still have to reach this threshold to withdraw the money you have made online.