AD Formats

Innovative web and mobile
advertising formats.
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Display banner
Ad format: display

These classic advertising formats are creative alternatives to AdSense.

Supported sizes: any

Supported file formats: JPG, GIF, PNG

Ad format: pop-up

These are windows that open automatically whenever there’s any activity on the site.

This type of advertising guarantees making contact with every visitor to the site.

Ad format: Pop-under

This is an advertising module that opens up directly under the browser’s main window. It’s an effective ad type that generates а good rate of attraction (as high as 1 to 1.5% CTR) by making contact with visitors at that most critical moment -- before their concentration is distracted by other information.


In this format a tab opens up with the ad while the visitor remains on the site that triggered the ad.

Direct links
Ad format: Direct link

This is a link that the publisher puts into a particular element of the site. Once clicked on, the ad opens up.


Through an online click, the banner adapts to the site design. Just by clicking on it, the ad opens up.

Ad format: Offer wall

This is a specialised format for online advertising which makes it possible to choose any one of six ad messages on the banner page.

This type of advertising is considered the most non-intrusive, as it gives the visitor the advantage of making a personal selection.


A slider is an ad slot that slips out the corner of the page.

Ad format: Interstitial

In this type of advertising, the message overlaps the site interface at the moment of turning a page. It also excludes banner blackouts.

Instream all-roll
Ad format: video

Instream All-Roll : All-Roll A video advertisement that can be shown before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), during when video is paused (pause-roll) or after (post-roll) video playback. Premium video advertising offering the highest pricing.

If none of these advertising formats seems to be quite what you’re looking for, explain your particular requirements to Galaksion’s technical experts. In just a few days they’ll come up with a format that’s ideal for you and your company.