Top 5 traffic sources: which one to choose?


Over the recent years, the diversity of traffic sources has become as great as the number of affiliate programs. With some sources you have to spend a lot of time setting up the ads; others require significant money investments while the rest sources need thorough examination when they don’t produce desirable conversions.

Let's figure out which traffic source will provide you with the highest ROI?

1. Organic search traffic

The largest provider of this kind of traffic is Google and its regional colleagues - Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex and others. Acquisition of such traffic could be compared with gold mining: it requires hard work and a lot of time, but the result is worth it. Most importantly, revenue from the offer should exceed the expenses too as you will need to put a legitimate website, optimize it for the search engine, outdo competitors, bring it to the top and make it stay there. Pay attention to the lead cost and value and decide if the juice is worth to squeeze. 

2. Paid search traffic

Google Ads is famous for its large traffic volumes and targeting accuracy (they are sure to know about our needs more than we do). But there is a significant drawback: it has extremely strict policy regarding our beloved verticals: dating, gambling (betting), finance offers, sweepstakes, nutra and many others. Creating an account is not easy itself but as for advertising without breaking the rules - it is almost unreal. Most attempts usually lead to ban without any possibility to reactivate the account.

3. Social networks 

Snapchat, TikTok, WeChat, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook - Henry VIII among other social networks. You might ask why do we call it by the name of the famous English king? That’s because FB ads manager accounts get banned with the speed and regularity comparable to Henry VIII beheading his wives. On the one hand, it provides you with lots of targets, audience’s interests and a variety of ad formats, but on the other hand - ban, accounts farming (or purchase) and then again - ban! Also, don’t forget about the higher bid. The narrower and more accurately you define your audience, the higher its price. The good thing is that most offers are targeted at a wide audience and don’t require such high-risk investments.

4. Advertising networks

Having been working on the online advertising market, such networks can offer rather loyal account registration and moderation policy, converting formats like Push Notifications, Popup (popunder), Native (Teaser) and also very attractive bids. They buy its traffic from webmasters or other networks (you can read more about it in our post here). The latter is actually its biggest weakness - because of all the mediators the price of such traffic is higher while the quality is, well… at least uncertain.

5. Galaksion traffic

You might have already realized that choosing traffic source is usually juggling between significant money and time investments, compliance with the strict rules for converting traffic, and loyal policy with no quality guarantees.

Galaksion is also an advertising network but with a huge difference (or actually, advantage!) - we buy ONLY direct traffic and ONLY from trusted website owners: without resell, remnant or bots. Oh, and let us remind of our support team - guys are always in touch and ready to help you choose an offer and get fast and high profit. A great alternative to the sources listed. 

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