Galaksion blog Why do we sell only direct traffic?
Fri Jun 12,2020
Why do we sell only direct traffic?

We at Galaksion are very proud to provide our advertisers with high quality direct traffic. And today we decided to tell you more about its benefits, as well as what traffic types are sold by other advertising networks.

There are three types of traffic in advertising networks: direct, resell and remnant. We work only with direct traffic, which we receive from our site owners (publishers) base without third party companies. All our websites are hand-picked and with each of our publishers we build relationships based on trust and transparency.

We are confident in our traffic quality, as we carefully check it by our system to ensure that there are no bots or resell traffic.

Resell traffic is bought in one advertising network and sold to another network or directly to the advertiser. In such a scheme there can be a lot of resellers, so the quality of such traffic is more difficult to check, with each participant of the chain adding a markup also. As a result, by buying resell traffic, the advertiser gets a product of unknown quality at a higher price.

The third type of traffic is remnant traffic. This is unbought traffic that remains after the main part is sold. Usually such traffic is sold at a price below the market average.

Of all other types direct traffic gives the highest number of conversions, which is why it is the best choice for the advertisers who want to get the maximum amount of quality conversions for their budget.