The Grand Finale is on!

The Grand Finale is on!

What vertical has won? 🏆

Dear advertisers, Race across the verticals has finished. For that month, we got drama, lots of profit, and, of course, the winning verticals! It was an intense competition between ECOMMERCE and SUBSCRIPTIONS. Find the final results in the picture!

Meanwhile, gCashback is going to all participants.
1 place — 10% gCashback from every campaign
2 place — 7% gCashback
3 place — 5% gCashback

And other places get 1% gCashback!

Dear partners, thank you for your active participation in the race and the work of our advertising network. We appreciate that you choose us every day. It’s the most precious gift for us.

Your profit is our main aim and value. These aren’t empty words. The results of Race across the verticals have shown the actual profit from partnership with us. We’re doing our best every day to let more and more advertisers launch campaigns that bring high profit. Galaksion has been working for 8 years and helping you on every step: with direct traffic, qualified support, and a bunch of experience and knowledge. We aren’t going to stop. Here’s the info about winning verticals:

🔹 The contest proved that ECOMMERCE campaigns are steadily beneficial. Use our tips from the article to earn even more on these offers.
🔹 Stay tuned. Soon you’ll get a detailed post about the second-ranked vertical SUBSCRIPTIONS.
🔹 CLEANERS have also shown high payouts. So we’ll share with you a checklist to launch converting campaigns on this vertical.

Race across the verticals is officially over! Congrats to every participant. We’ll add your present to your gCoins balance until 6 August 🍾