Golden e-commerce: real profit deal

Congratulations, you’ve found a treasure!

We just have no other name for the profit vertical of e-commerce. But first things first: what is e-commerce even about?

E-commerce is an online trade of physical goods on marketplaces: aggregator sites like AliExpress, Lazada,, Shopee, Tokopedia, etc. Each product here is your potential offer.

E-commerce and CPA offers: what’s the difference?

Getting an offer from a CPA Network, you most likely promote a product from some small online shop. The owners here usually sell one product and bet on the wow effect. E-commerce retailers, on the contrary, have a large catalog of goods: the user chooses a product to suit his taste and budget. And this is very beneficial for the affiliate.

Why? When working with a CPA offer, you get a fixed payment for each confirmed lead, while e-commerce platforms often offer a percentage of all sales, which means more opportunities to increase profit.

How is the workflow in e-commerce?

Companies with affiliate programs that provide e-commerce offers most often work via the CPS (Cost per Sale) model: as soon as the user has placed an order and paid for it in the online store, the lead is counted. In fact, CPS is a version of CPA (Cost per Action), where purchase is the target action.

However, be careful when choosing an offer. Sometimes the lead is considered confirmed only once the order is delivered to the customer, and this can take up to 60 days. It all depends on the terms of an affiliate program and particular offer. Also, many stores set limits for payments, for example, the minimum number of goods ordered or the total sum in the basket.

Sales in e-commerce: what, how, and why?

Most sales on Asian marketplaces are timed to local holidays. For example, the famous 11.11 sale was originally held in honor of Single's Day in China. It was assumed that on this day, lonely people would please themselves with guilt free shopping.

On the sale day and a couple of weeks before, participating sellers make a big discount on their goods. The sales risk pays off many times due to the huge number of orders. One such event on Asian marketplaces brings in more revenue than the three largest online sales in the USA combined: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

And, of course, every seller wants to attract buyers to the platform in these “golden” days by any means. So don’t doubt: there are enough offers for everyone. First, you go to an affiliate program, and then to Galaksion for traffic!

How to launch campaigns on sales days?

  • — Sales somewhat cloud the audience's judgment: people trust ads more and decide to buy faster. Therefore, it's time to uncover the boldest creatives with cosmic promises. Taking into account the requirements of the offer, of course.
  • — You need to warm up the audience in advance. Start launching campaigns a few days before the sale, so that on Day X traffic flows effortlessly.
  • — On the days of sales, traffic is more expensive and the competition is higher, so your budget must be bigger than usual. The costs will definitely pay off because conversions increase at least twice. Getting 200%-300% ROI in such conditions is pretty doable.
  • — Watch out for time targeting and geos: while people are just waking up in Egypt, the residents of Taiwan have already managed to buy everything they planned.

What geos and formats go well in e-commerce?

Each geo has its own e-commerce platform. First of all, we look at where the marketplace is based: AliExpress — China, Lazada — Singapore, Tokopedia — Indonesia, etc.

Also, a lot depends on the offer, but something is already tested and always works well:

  • — Geos: Asia (IN, ID, PH, VN, TH, MY, PK), MENA (EG, SA, MA, AE, KW, DZ), Tier 1 (US, GB, CA, AU, FR, DE), CIS (RU, UA, KZ, BY).
  • — Formats: Push-Notification, On-Page Notification, Native. Don't forget about targeting mobile devices: over the past two years, up to 90% of purchases at Alibaba sales were made from phones.

Why is it profitable to drive traffic to e-commerce with Galaksion?

It’s not the first year that we have been launching white e-commerce offers into space. Now every sale we share our accumulated experience with affiliates. Our specialists will tell you the necessary rates, geos, and campaign settings to maximize conversions.

Publishers, who provide us with clean direct traffic, also play an important role here. The content of the sites we work with is aimed at a solvent audience from Asia, the Middle East and the Tier 1 “golden” zone. These users respond well to sales ads and make purchases easily.

By the way, the November sales season is coming soon. Don't miss the chance to get the highest ROI of the year! And on all issues regarding e-commerce campaigns, text your manager.