What is the best way for an advertiser to make profit during a coronavirus pandemic?


Short answer: look for opportunities, try new verticals, geos and traffic sources. For example, on our Self-Service Platform for advertisers we give a nice bonus in such difficult times: 10% on your account balance for the first deposit within 24 hours after registration.

As for verticals and geos, we've collected tips for you on how to monetize Galaksion's traffic as efficiently as possible.

As you know, the coronavirus continues to spread, more companies and even entire countries are being quarantined, and the population is being locked in their homes. Has life stopped? Are the profits gone? We don't think so. We won't be the first ones to say that any crisis is an opportunity for growth. Especially if you have a medical mask factory, but in that case you wouldn't read this text.

The situation varies greatly from country to country. The amounts of traffic on some verticals and geos start to descend, but some, on the contrary, get more and more users. At the same time, even where the worst scenario occurred, people did not start to care only about the essentials. For example, although Italy has introduced strict quarantine with a ban on leaving home, the popularity of weight loss offers has only increased.

The wisest solution in this situation will be to diversify traffic and work with different verticals. Which geos and verticals are better to work with and which to avoid for now? We shared all the insights below.

Let's start with what has gotten worse

Betting.This vertical has suffered the most: mass cancellations of sporting events have greatly reduced traffic volumes. The situation is so bad that even the stock market got affected, and the shares of betting companies have significantly lost value. We hope that all of them will survive the crisis, but we recommend you to keep an eye on the situation, if you decide to work with this vertical and do not want to lose money.
We also advise you to keep a close eye on the news about cancellation of the major sports events and to pay more attention to local competitions in those countries, which are not yet affected by the virus. Another area where you can make money in betting - eSports, because no one will cancel online championships.
Besides, don’t forget the most important innovation within this vertical - the emergence of bets on such events as the creation of a coronavirus vaccine or the introduction of quarantine in a certain country.

Finances. The situation is controversial. On the one hand, now is far from the best time for such offers, currency rates are very unstable, chaos and panic reigns in the financial market. In a situation like this there is almost no sense in any forecasts from anyone. On the other hand, when people start losing money, their belief in wealth bringing magic and luck becomes stronger. After all, everyone dreams of making a fortune with minimal effort.

E-commerce. As for the case of finances, everything is complicated. In some countries, where people are voluntarily isolated, buying goods online is working, especially if a courier delivery is available and there is no need to go to a post office. On the other hand, some people do not want to leave their home even for a second or take anything out of courier’s hands.
Also don't forget that many companies have completely or partially suspended their work, logistics are not working well, and the land and air borders of some countries are closed.
Our recommendation for this vertical is to read the local news carefully, use segmentation by geos and run tests with caution. And don’t forget that sometimes you can make money in a very unexpected place, as in our example of Italy in the beginning.


The main question: what is working?

A large percentage of the population now either works remotely or spends as much time at home as possible. This means that the most profitable verticals right now are the ones that are somehow connected to entertainment on the Internet.

Movies, music, games. Entertainment and the Internet - these two words are salvation for everyone who spends all time at home. Let's be honest - even if someone is working remotely, the temptation to play or watch a movie instead is huge. Of course there are hard-workers who don’t let themselves get distracted at their home office, but even they have a couple of extra hours to kill as they don’t have to spend time commuting to their workplace anymore.

Utilities and VPN. It is difficult to imagine what can affect this profitable at all times vertical. As for now, taking into account the fact that everyone is locked up at home alone with the Internet, the chances to earn are extremely high.

Sweepstakes. It's plain and simple: people will always want to get something valuable for free, even during pandemics and quarantine.

Dating. Where do people usually go when they have free time and feel lonely? Yeah, we all know where. And to dating sites, of course. Why not chat in virtual space while personal meetings are difficult?

Nutra. First of all, everything about boosting an immune system. In the face of a terrible infection all means are good. Also, do not forget about other types of dietary supplements - for example, if anyone starts getting fat from lack of activity.

Gambling. Gambling shares its audience with betting a lot. Therefore, if the latter has a decrease in traffic, gambling on the contrary, attracts even more players than usual.


With the verticals defined, let's move on to geos. Now our traffic will give the best conversion on the following: India (IN), United States (US), United Kingdom (GB), France (FR), Canada (CA), Saudi Arabia (SA), United Arab Emirates (AE), Mexico (MX), Spain (ES).


Which formats work most efficiently?

The virus pandemic and the following quarantine do not affect conversion of specific formats strongly. Let us remind you what formats we have on our platform.

Also we suggest to pay attention to our new excellent converting format: On-Page Notification. We will tell you about it in detail in one of the following posts. If you need recommendations on best formats for your geos and verticals - contact your manager or email us via ssp@galaksion.com.

We also strongly recommend you use our platform with maximum power: do not forget about CPA-Goal, Traffic Estimator and Traffic Volumes section. They will help you use our traffic as efficiently as possible. 

For any questions, as always, please email us at ssp@galaksion.com or contact your manager directly.

And for those who just decided to start earning on Galaksion traffic, we remind you that we have a nice bonus in such difficult times: 10% on account balance for the first deposit within 24 hours after registration.

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