Try our new push notifications!


Brand New Format for Galaksion's Publishers: Push Notifications for Extra Monetization 

Our team is happy to announce that our webmasters can start using a fresh format to derive additional benefits from their web-presence. We launched it last month. And the positive feedback Galaksion received from our partners has surpassed all expectations. Join the range of our successful site owners who have already started earning with it! 

What is a push notification and how to start using it?

Push notifications are a popular, up-to-date, clean, and efficient format capable of propelling your income to new heights.

Basically, they are a combination of an icon and brief text shown on the device of a user who has enabled it before. Almost everyone knows this format nowadays. So it is not only profitable and practicable, but also highly conventional for both desktop and mobile users, as you can see below.  



1. Using it for your website is easy. First, you recieve a tag from us and add it to your website. Thus, you create a subscription window there.

2. Users visit your site and see the window offering them to subscribe to push notifications.

3. If a user decides to subscribe, a new additional window is displayed. The user is supposed to confirm his or her subscription.

The following two factors are of importance to publishers in this regard:

- This is a double opt-in advertising solution per se. There are absolutely no risks associated with it.

- The second opt-in window is linked to our advertising domain which eliminates any risks for your website again.

4. Once users complete the double opt-in process, they are saved in our database.

5. After that, they start to receive push notifications with adequate frequency (normally, once a day)In this respect, we ensure that all the campaigns we promote are clean, relevant, attractive, and not invasive.

6. Push-notifications are a revenue share format. Which means that you are rewarded for each conversion generated by 'your' respective users (i.e. those users who subscribe from your site). That is to say, 'your' users do not even need to visit your web pages again after the initial conscription to bring you income.

Who can apply?

Our push notifications are intended to be used by the following two types of traffic:

  • Android-based devices with Google Chrome.
  • Desktop devices with Google Chrome and Firefox.   






Check your traffic data now. If your respective segments are big enough, you are welcome to try our push notifications.  You will not regret it! Both advertisers and networks love this format because of its impressive conversion rates, high-quality traffic, transparency, and safety. 




P.S. Please, remember that it takes time to build a base of subscribers. Thus, the more you keep the tag, the more subscribers you attract and the more money you make.