Reasons to launch Tier 1 campaigns

🥇 Do your campaigns need Tier 1 traffic?

For a faster answer, put it another way: do your campaigns need profit?

Hell yes! How do I get this profit?

💰 By launching the best paying offers only solvent users are interested in. It can be a challenge but it’s definitely worth your budget and time.

To take a deeper look, let’s compare two sources of traffic: our beloved Tier 3 India VS a Tier 1 player USA.

🤔 The Indian market provides big volumes of cheap, almost exclusively mobile, traffic. It is great for affordable e-commerce offers. However, the average population income in this country is relatively low. On this and other Asian GEOs, our partners have to invest a huge amount of time before campaigns start paying off well.

😎 Tier 1 GEOs such as USA, UK, Germany, France and others are able to turn your budget into profit from the very first conversions if you pick the relevant offer for your solvent audience.

For example, let it be an Apple iMAC desktop computer tool with a monthly subscription. Why is it highly likely to convert well in the US?

🔹 90% Internet User penetration
🔹 82% are active social media users
🔹 36% of traffic is desktop
🔹 64% of Americans prefer Apple devices
🔹 Apple products early release and lower prices

Finally and most importantly, Americans’ yearly income is above average thanks to their highly developed economy, so they are more likely to actually afford to own an iMAC device.

And this was just one example. Many more successful cases out there are waiting for you to launch a Tier 1 campaign. In the next posts, we will take you deeper into this profit jungle.

Be sure that a properly selected offer and compliance with certain recommendations will make you a Tier 1 king. Those priceless recommendations can be found at your manager’s. Act now!