Tier 1: what is it made of?

Tier 1 is, first of all, countries with the highest purchasing power: USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Western Europe.

What everyone needs to know about these GEOs?

  • Widespread use of the Internet and advanced technologies
  • Tons of both desktop and mobile traffic
  • Online payment systems are commonly used
  • People actively using ad blockers
  • Legal norms of particular states related to some offers
  • Most popular languages: English, French, German, Spanish


We at Galaksion have done a lot of successful work with Asian GEOs. However, by 2022 the situation started to change gradually. Today most of the traffic requests include Tier 1 countries. Our supply, of course, follows the advertisers’ demand.

For a long time, these GEOs were desirable, but somewhat ‘biting’: only those who overcame the high threshold of entry to this part of the affiliate market could receive the highest payments for their offers.

The Tier 1 audience is solvent, but very demanding of advertising. The user here needs to be constantly surprised, the old broken record tactics might not work, even if they bring high conversions perfectly at Tier 3.

In Galaksion, we have already studied the Tier 1 segment inside and out by now. As always, our managers are ready to help partners with launching campaigns on these GEOs. Text us with any questions!

And now it's time to start sharing tips. Here is the first one: start with language split tests. Remember that your audience speaks not only English, but also equally popular Spanish, French or German.

Go ahead! Time to conquer new profit horizons! More information comes in the next post.