SSP update: On-Page Notification


Galaksion team works every day on updating our Self-Service platform: whether it is new features, formats or interface improvements. Our most recent update is just about a new format - On-Page Notification.

Our regular advertisers have already tested On-Page Notifications privately and were very satisfied with the results. Now the format is available for everyone and we can share all the details with you.

On-Page Notification and Push-notification - what is the difference?

At first glance it may seem that On-Page Notification is just an improved version of ordinary push-notifications, but it is not. In fact, the new format only looks like push-notification, but works like a banner.

Unlike ordinary push-notifications that appear on a device via a browser, On-Page Notification is shown to a user only when he is on the website of our webmaster.

An example of a format on a device

What other features does the new format have?

- On-Page Notification does not require a subscription which gives an advantage over regular push-notifications. 
- The format is not blocked in Chrome or other browsers. 
- On-Page Notification has better conversion than other types of formats, which could be missed by users due to "banner blindness". 
- The format is displayed when the user is actively interacting with website content, which means that user is closer to committing desired action. 
- Low competition: the format is freshly released, so only few advertisers are using it. 
- In contrast to the classic push-notifications, it works on iOS.

New format - new numbers!

In the beginning we talked about the results that On-Page Notification provides. For the sake of clarity we compared it with the usual push-notifications and visualised the results on the chart.

First graph shows the growth of On-Page Notification traffic volume within a week since the launch.

The second graph shows a comparison of Conversion Rate (CR) of ordinary push-notifications and On-Page Notifications. As you can see, CR of new format is a few tenths higher, which can have a significant effect on large volumes.

How to launch the new format?

You can find On-Page Notification in the same place as other formats on our platform - in the company creation section. Available payment models are CPM and CPC.

An ad itself consists of an icon, title and description. We strongly recommend you to add our macros in texts of the latter to better capture target audience attention.

Recommended verticals

- E-commerce
- Utilities
- Nutra
- Apps
- Extensions
- Sweepstakes
- Dating
- Gambling
- Finance


Recommended geos

Geos with the highest traffic volume for this format


Our team is constantly working on improving our Self-Service platform so that you can make the most of our traffic. Our recently improved Estimator will help you fine-tune campaigns with the new format. Also don't forget about our other formats: Push-Notification, Popup (Popunder), Native, Mobile Push-up. We recommend conducting split-tests on different formats to find the most profitable combination that will bring you maximum profit.

Do you have any more questions? You can always ask your manager or email us at, we will be happy to help you.

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