SSP traffic estimator update!


What underlies every successful campaign?

Of course, a proper planning. In order for you to predict as accurately as possible an effectiveness of your campaign, we have fine-tuned our traffic estimator.

Now, depending on your campaign settings, you can see a number of impressions and clicks available in real time.

Targets that affect estimator chart:
- Ad format
- Price models
- Country
- Capping/Frequency
- Platform
- OS

You can find the estimator in the campaign creation section ("Campaigns" tab). Just press green "Create" button and start setting up a campaign. The system will automatically generate a chart.

We also recommend you to go to the "Traffic Volume" tab before setting up the campaign. There you can see a total amount of traffic and an average recommended rate, which can be immediately specified in your campaign settings.

Do you still have questions? You can always contact us at or directly your manager, we will be happy to help you.

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