SSP Galaksion: update digest


In February 2019, we started globally upgrading our Self-Service Platform (SSP) for advertisers. Our goal was to turn it into the most powerful and functional tool for media buying, which will be easy and enjoyable for anyone regardless of experience.

Test release of an updated SSP for lucky 50 advertisers took place in June 2019. Each of the 50 testers received a bonus on account and access to huge amounts of traffic with minimal competition. We would like to thank them once again for their feedback, which was very important for us to improve our SSP.

What did advertisers get with the first release of the updated SSP?

Two new formats were added to the already excellently converting Push-notification and Native.



We also added: 
- Full rate card with lots of filters 
- Ability to purchase traffic by CPC model 
- OS and Browser targets 
- Ability to check 3G and WI-FI traffic volume in campaign settings 
- Full payment history 
- An interface for creating campaigns has become clearer and simpler

In August 2019 after successful tests our SSP was released to the public. However, since our goal is to make the best advertising platform, we did not stop at improving it, listening carefully to the wishes of advertisers.

What appeared on Galaksion SSP within six months after the release?


In addition to many small but important improvements of our platform, we have added several useful features to make our campaigns more convenient. The first one of these features is the CPA Goal setting, which allows you to optimize your CPM and CPC campaigns according to the conversion cost.

How does CPA Goal work? You specify desired conversion cost, and our system calculates how much traffic it will take for each slices (geo+platform+zone) to get the desired conversion cost. The least effective slices are automatically removed without your participation. As a result, you get the best performance and time saved on routine activities.

For more details on setting up and working with CPA Goal ask your manager or look here.

User Activity Target

In the next update of our SSP we added User Activity targeting for the push-notification format. User Activity is an additional setting that allows you to target campaigns on users depending on their notification subscription period.

When configuring the targeting, you can choose one of our presets or specify the duration of the subscription yourself. With this setting, you can customize your campaign as precisely as possible according to your budget and get warmer leads.

More information about User Activity Targeting can be found here.

Dynamic ads

Last in 2019, but not the last in a row, updates are dynamic ads. If you used to create a separate ad campaign for each region, city or browser, now you can save your time by creating one universal campaign with a dynamic ad.

The difference between dynamic ads is that their text part changes depending on user data, which makes it more personalized.

Personalization works via one or more macros that you insert into the Header or the Body (or better - both) when creating an ad:

- Country: [[COUNTRY]] 
- Region: [[REGION]] 
- City: [[CITY]] 
- Internet provider: [[ISP]] 
- Platform: [[PLATFORM]] 
- Operating system: [[OS]] 
- Browser: [[BROWSER]] 

Learn more about dynamic announcements and macros here.

Renewed traffic estimator

Planning underlies at the heart of every successful campaign. In the beginning of this year we updated our Traffic Estimator so that you can predict the effectiveness of your campaigns as accurately as possible. 

The estimator shows you available in real time number of impressions and clicks depending on the campaign settings.

Parameters that affect the estimator readings:

- Advertising format 
- Payment model 
- Geo 
- Capping/frequency 
- Platform 
- OS 

More information about the traffic estimator could be found here.

New format: On-Page Notification

In February 2020 one more format was added to our set: On-Page Notification. This format, although it looks like Push, works like a banner and has some significant differences.

For example, On-Page Notification appears only when a user visits our webmasters site. Also the new format does not require a subscription, works on iOS as well as other formats (as opposed to the classic push-notifications) and breaks the "banner blindness" well.

On-Page Notification

You can read more about the new format, its advantages, recommended geo- and verticals in our article.


Our team is constantly looking for new formats, improvements in both functionality and interface of our platform. We have a lot of updates ahead of us and we will tell you about them in the nearest future.

It is really important for us to make the best product, so we will be happy to consider any suggestions and comments to become better. You can always email us at or your manager.

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