PeerClick 4 iGaming

PeerClick 4 iGaming

Maximize the ROI of your paid advertising

Everybody knows that in the world of affiliate marketing, there is no worse sin than not tracking your campaigns 📊

However, if you are just starting your affiliate journey your first priority is to focus on ad spends without extra payments. This is where PeerClick can save you 🚀

PeerClick is a cloud-based performance-tracking software with built-in optimization tools for paid ad campaigns. It allows you to measure the entire advertising funnel — from leads to signups, FTD, and spend with ease!💰

Peerclick can help you scale

  • Use their predefined templates and postbacks to quickly set up your campaigns.
  • Get extensive data analytics from both organic and paid sources to find the right ad campaign combinations.
  • Benefit from their partnerships with the top iGaming affiliate programs and access converting offers.

Get access to Peerclick traffic connections & insider recommendations on where to buy the best iGaming traffic for various geos.

📣 Peerclick grants all GALAKSION users FREE BASIC PLAN for 3 mln events for 1 month! 🔥

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