Our most successful targets


Week ago or so we celebrated the 6th Birthday of Galaksion, and many of you took part in the draw and received birthday bonuses from us.

However, as well as pleasant birthday things to care of, we were also busy with no less pleasant calculations and summing up.

Which Geos have provided us the largest volumes of converting traffic? Which verticals have become the most profitable for our advertisers (we will tell you later)? What target combinations have had the highest ROI?

After analyzing the results, we decided to prove once again that Galaksion is always interested in increasing the profit of our customers, and to publish our most successful targets ranking:

  1. IN + Android + Chrome 
  2. AE + iOS/Android
  3. ID + Android + Chrome
  4. SA + iOS/Android
  5. VN + Android + Chrome

Thus, offers for IN + Android + Chrome has become literally the golden mine! Due to that, we have prepared something very interesting for you.

Stay with us, our Indian Vacations are about to begin.