Monetization For Online Ad Publishers: Recommendations


On the one hand, online advertising is certainly not rocket science for publishers. All one needs to succeed in this field is an adequate web-presence and some basic knowledge of how the Internet works, some available traffic and a bit of genuine interest. At the same time, the first steps are always the hardest. Thus, our team have decided to summarise a number of common recommendations we normally give to newcomers willing to succeed in digital marketing as publishers. These simple truths are a product of our experience regarding almost all the possible types of websites. We hope they will help you a little with your efforts. 


Let's assume that you have just finally made an important decision to start monetizing your online presence, your personal blog or a website. If you like producing content and are good at it, earning as an ad publisher is certainly the direction to go. In fact, it is extremely easy.

  • First, register your website with the Galaksion system. 
  • Secondly, your website will then be evaluated by our managers. 
  • If the test is passed, you will receive a code to place in your website. 
  • Start earning.
  • Consequently, if your performance is successful enough, we recommend you to apply for the ads+ mode offering all the functions of our self-service platform for your independent activities. 

When it comes to our optimization team, we normally require 50 000 impressions to get things done effectively. As for the evaluation process, it may last for several days, especially in the context of small websites. Therefore, during tests and at the start of the work, it is impossible to see the maximum objective revenue rates. After all, it takes our optimisers some time to find optimal offers for a particular case and to increase your CPM. Thus, have a little patience.

In other respects, the process is extremely simple.

However, before you proceed, we advise you to analyse the following factors.

1. Your Traffic: Haste Makes Waste

Publishers willing to monetize their online presence should be understandably preoccupied with their traffic rates.  The higher and more relevant your traffic is, the more money you will earn. In our experience, the low barrier shall be roughly 1000 visitors per day. Nonetheless we suggest that it would be better to secure at least 5 000 daily hits. As for truly serious business, it starts with 50 000 unique visits on a daily basis, as we have mentioned above. In other words, build a loyal audience first, it is a mandatory prerequisite.

2. Know Your Statistics

In spite of the fact that self-service platforms are intended to give publishers more freedom and independence, newcomers should begin to work with an ad network's team of optimisers relying on their expertise. Those guys are as interested in your success as you are. Thus, the sooner they get a clear and detailed picture of you traffic, the better it is for your wallet. So you'd better prepare a detailed account in advance. 

3. Use Your Individual Metric: Revenue per Page 

Calculate your revenue rates per particular pages and find out which pages generate more  impressions or actions. This insight will make it possible for you to understand your audience and niches. With this guideline you will see which topics, content formats and even words attract more visitors. In this case, your marketing, optimization and creative efforts would be much more fruitful and efficient. 

4. Do Not 'Overadvertise' 

We do not recommend you to try to compensate for the lack of earnings resulting from low traffic with too many ads on your web-page. Sometimes it is possible, for a limited period of time. However, if your visitors grow tired of too many ads, they will find other options on the net and leave you alone. Thus, unfortunately, the more ads you place after a certain limit, the more problems you have with actual sessions and user engagement rates.

It addition, it should be noted that it is not always reasonable to combine two advertisers on the same site. That is to say, it is likely that none of them will achieve optimal results in this case. It means that is is better to concentrate on a single advertiser during tests since it is the only way to see objective results and to make adequate decisions regarding your cooperation options. In other words, sometimes two advertisers taken together may produce a result which is worse than the result that could be produced by one of them exclusively. Thus, you shouldn't try to test multiple advertisers with huge volumes, especially at small sites. In this case your traffic will disperse making high-quality tests impossible.

4. Experiment with Streaming 

Streaming is probably the most promising and lucrative direction nowadays. Both experts and practitioners agree that streaming is the next big thing in the world of digital advertising industry. Thus, even though good old blogs with texts and pictures are still the easiest channel to use, you should probably try the fresh format if you can.