On-Page Notification. How does it work?

Not so long ago, we told you that push is still on top. However, to get the most out of the offer, you need to test other formats too using different settings and targets. An excellent addition to push campaigns will be On-Page Notification.

Initially, On-Page was conceived as insurance against browser blocks, which threatened to kill the push. The format even looks like a push, but in fact, it works more like a pop-up notification. This is what led to cosmic results!

Unlike the usual Push-Notifications that appear on the device via the browser, On-Page Notification shows up only at the moment when the user is on the website of our webmaster. The chance of seeing an ad, in this case, is much higher, which also means a higher CTR.

The Galaksion team optimizes the appearance of notifications so that they fit the style of websites. This way we arouse more trust among users and bypass the "banner blindness".

What’s more, the On-Page format is fresh. It was launched in our network in 2020, so now there is every chance to get a lot of high-quality leads and turn the budget into profit. For certain offers, On-Page campaigns show higher CR than the push in the first days already, so the format can easily become a bomb at large volumes.

What other advantages does the On-Page Notification format have?
— works without a user subscription
— not blocked in Chrome and other browsers
— a friend to iOS and macOS operating systems.

Galaksion was one of the first to enter the market with On-Page Notification. The format has been in operation long enough for us to confidently recommend the following verticals for it:
E-commerce, Utilities, VPN/Antivirus, Apps, Extensions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Games, Gambling, Betting, Finance, Music and Movie-related offers.

Now it's your turn to test the On-Page on our Self-Service platform. When launching a campaign, remember about the advertiser's best friends:
— CPA payment model for the most profitable leads
— free creatives as part of a working ad strategy
— macros inserted into the text to hook your target audience.

See you on the profit side!