New SSP feature: User Activity


This December we have prepared several useful updates for our Self-Service platform.

The first one is the new User Activity settings for the push-notification format (on CPM and CPC business models). User Activity is an additional setting that allows you to target users depending on their subscription time period.

The new setting can be found in the "Create campaign" section. Please note that in order for the User Activity settings to appear, you need to enable extended settings in the top right corner ("Advanced Settings").

User Activity settings will appear below the main campaign settings. There you will be able to select one of our three presets:
- High: 0-6 days subscription time period, low volume of traffic, high CTR, high rates.
- Medium: 7-20 days subscription time period, average volume of traffic, CTR and bids.
- Low: 21 days or more subscription time period, the greatest volume of traffic, low CTR and rates.

Also, you are able to change the lifetime value of subscribers at own discretion manually.

Please note that your campaign rate depends on the subscription time period that you choose. The "fresher" the subscriber, the higher your rate must be in order to get the necessary volume traffic. In addition, the recommended rate value depends on factors such as geo and targets of your ad campaign.

If you don't know which rate is best for your campaign, you can always contact us at or directly your manager, we will be happy to help you.

Galaksion Self-Service platform: