Top Native Advertising Trends 2021

Some of the affiliate’s main enemies are audience burnout and banner blindness. The Internet user is already fed up with annoying ads and probably got rid of such with Adblock.

There’s an effective solution to this problem in our arsenal — native advertising. What does it stand for in 2021?

Native advertising is a format that fits perfectly into the webmaster's site. Ad design complements the non-advertising content around. The user's needs come to the fore: advertising does not interfere with viewing the page but also does not escape the eye. Convenient? Trustworthy? Yes and yes!

A bit about native ads in numbers:

— Native ads are noticed 53% more often than other media formats. Banner blindness? Haven't heard of it.
— The user's intention to perform a target action is 18% higher.
— Native ads show 20-60% higher engagement than standard blatant banners.

Cool! What about browser ad blockers though?

What the audience obviously dislikes are forced clicks, aggressive popups that cover up the page but...

...none of this is present in native advertising! It’s the opposite: ads are organically combined with the website structure. This means that high-quality native campaigns are very likely to reach the user. There is just no job for Adblock and its friends here.

In 2020, spending on native advertising in the USA alone reached $52.7 billion.
In 2021, revenue from the format is expected to grow by 46%, and 74% of revenue from all display advertising will be brought by the native one.

Impressive, but there’s a simple explanation to it: users want to see ads that look least like ads. They will prefer to learn about the product from interesting content or from a friend they trust. So native format is the best friend of your profit in 2021.

Expert opinion is good, but profit is earned only by trial and error. Launch native campaigns today to get a ton of conversions tomorrow. Good luck!