Moderation: greatest players follow the rules

You shall not pass...

...if prohibited content is found in your advertising campaign.

Galaksion strives to create a great community for advertisers and publishers, where everyone is comfortable working and earning. Therefore, we do everything to avoid inconveniences and unpleasant surprises.

One of the campaign launching stages is moderation. Affiliates themselves can accelerate this process.

What should one do? Read and follow the simple rules below

We do not allow the following ad content:
— Adult, pornographic, nude, violent content;
— Misleading ads providing false information for users;
— Malware, phishing, adware, viruses and any related ad campaigns;
— Tech support ad campaigns, screen locking content;
— Brand mimicry;
— Weapon, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any related products promotion;
— Questionnaires collecting user's credit card details and offering a prize, money for a poll;
— Offers collecting push-subscribers in push-notification ad campaigns.

That's it! From you — following the recommendations, from us — quick moderation within 1 hour.

Don't let the black verticals steal your profit, and go for direct traffic!