How does Mobile Push-up format work?

It's no secret that mobile traffic is power. Although the share of desktop traffic in 2020 unexpectedly rose, the mobile one continued to increase volumes. Ignoring such a trend would be silly, so our network has a separate format especially adapted for ad campaigns on mobile devices (including iOS). Today we will talk about Mobile Push-up.

"But any Galaksion format can be launched on both mobile and desktop devices," you might say. And you will be absolutely right. What is the special feature of Mobile Push-up then?

Mobile Push-up is indeed quite similar to Push-Notification, which we recently talked about. However, push does not work on iOS: Apple devices do not support advertising notifications from browsers and protect their users from subscriptions.

Here comes the time for Mobile Push-up. This format does not imply subscriptions, and the advertising notification masquerades as a system message. It is shown to the person only when using the browser on both iPhone and Android devices. That is, by the principle of operation, Mobile Push-up rather resembles our new On-Page Notification format.

Which verticals should one drive mobile push-up traffic to?

First of all, these are utilities, VPN, extensions, apps and everything that will come in handy for a smartphone owner. We also recommend launching campaigns for games, sweepstakes, music and movie-related offers.

In general, Mobile Push-up is a non-banal format and very promising for its niche. With proper settings, you will very soon turn your advertising budget into profit. Go ahead!