Galaksion's History: Reaching for the Stars


Even though the Galaksion team take pride in constant innovation, we believe that our new corporate blog should bow to tradition by starting in the time-honoured way – with a brief look at the company's history. Nor does it seem out of place at this initial stage to share with our readers some of the keener elements of Galaksion's experience and vision for the future. 

Galaksion was established in 2014 with far-reaching goals. Our strategy has been crystal-clear ever since. It was our desire to become a truly global player in the market of digital advertising. In fact, even our own name comprehensively reflects this policy of constant growth and ambitious development.

After all, Galaksion combines 'galaxy' with 'network': 'galaksio' means 'galaxy' in Esperanto while 'n' stands for 'network'. As such, it reaffirms our determination to be capable of carrying out campaigns anywhere in the world.

With such a name, our company is programmed for success. As early as 2015 our turnover rates began growing by approximately 400%. As a result, Galaksion has quickly become one of the industry leaders.

As of today, we collaborate with about 10,000 websites helping advertisers, publishers and affiliates in over 150 countries. From our European headquarters, we offer them probably the most convenient and favourable way to promote their products online on the one hand and to monetise their web presence on the other. Accordingly, we expect that the coming years will be even more successful and positive for us.

There is every reason to believe that we will succeed. Our global reach nowadays includes almost 160 GEOs, such as the US and Canada, the UK and Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, LATAM and the GCC countries, India and SEA, as well as Africa.

The worldwide scope enables us to secure:

  • >18 billion impressions every month.
  • ~5.5 million leads on a monthly basis.
  • About 9K ongoing online advertising campaigns.

Thus, whenever it comes to display ads banners and ibanners, pop-ups and pop-unders, tabunders and pushups, direct-links and video ads Galaksion serves as a one-stop advertising platform. Both site owners willing to earn money and advertisers willing to attract new visitors and buyers from pole to pole can find what they need with us.

Galaksion provides whatever is needed in terms of targeting and verticals. Our advertising tool features such options as specific countries and cities, devices and OS, carriers and Wifi, frequency capping, and, of course, offer and source categories.

As for the verticals available, we have built an impressive base in mobile content, e-commerce, finance, dating, gambling, gaming, utility and service APPs. In other words, we are making sure that each advertiser can find their target audience.

Finally, we take pride in the fact that with us your collaboration and monetisation efforts will be efficient and seamless.

Hence, if such words as CPA and CPM are of importance to you, Galaksion is certainly the place to go. All these achievements have been made possible by the three principles we adhere to: innovation, exceptional offers and honest service. Our rapid advancement would not have been possible without them. And we are determined to continue this trend.

Right now we are in the final stages of preparing a brand new release that will thoroughly redefine your advertising experience. We are going to present a range of unique and unprecedented features you won't not find anywhere else. They will help you not only to bolster your online-visibility and increase the efficiency of your digital campaigns. They will also offer you some improvements to make the entire process as transparent, convenient and quick as possible.

So, stay tuned this summer to be among the first to witness and try our new and unique features! They are all based on our extensive experience, feedback from successful customers and Galaksion's expertise. We feel sure that our upcoming release will impress publishers, online advertisers and affiliates no matter where they work.