Galaksion's SSP: A Conversation with our Product Owner


The new Self-Service Platform is scheduled to be released by Galaksion in the nearest future. With this mind, our Product Owner, Paulina, answers a couple of questions associated with the most important aspects of the coming release.

Paulina, please, tell us about your career before Galaksion.

I started as an account manager working for a big network. After I had spent some years there I realized that it was of greater interest to me to work with affiliates, rather than with direct advertisers and CPA networks. Thus, this direction became my major focus for a long time. I also had a chance to work with in-app traffic. After that I finally joined Galaksion as their Product Owner.

Let's continue with the release. What is going to be so special about it?

Well, the main new component is, in fact, the self-service element, including an entire range of analytical functions you won't find among our competitors. First of all, I mean our comfortable notification system covering new sources. Secondly, I would like to mention our analytical tools regarding available offers. Third, I must make a reference to our analytical potential covering possible offers based on the successful cases of a particular advertiser. Finally, I would like to conclude with our flexible settings for web developers.

This is not your first year in this industry. How was your professional experience translated into the product?

The platform is premised on my background to some extent indeed. I believe my experience gives me an insight into what customers want. That is to say, my contribution has been focused on the needs that, as far as I know, cannot be covered by other other platforms on the market, whether they offer self-service functions or not.

Can you mention a particular case that influenced the new SSP?

I would rather concentrate on the general practice, not on individual practice. For example when I worked with affiliates, I felt the need to find some technically advanced, efficient, and user-friendly solutions to buy and sell traffic. But I could not find anything like that. That is why I decided to close these gaps with the new product.

The market is changing. In your opinion, will the new SSP make Galaksion more prepared for the coming changes?

Changes are taking place for sure. New formats are emerging. That is why the opportunity to absorb new formats is integrated into the architecture of our SSP. Thus, the platform is intended and designed to manage pops as the most popular and widely used format in the first place right now. However, in the nearest future the platform will cover other formats as well. I mean even those formats we haven't heard of yet. That is to say we created 'windows' within the system at the development stage.

What are your recommendation for publishers, advertisers and affiliates who will start to use the SSP very soon?

Be brave enough to try something new. Don't be afraid to communicate with the support team when necessary. Especially when you want to know what exactly stands behind the processes within the platform: our support managers will always be ready to answer such questions. This clarity will help you avoid troublesome and unpleasant situations to the most extent.

Could you comment on such situations in greater detail? 

Sometimes they are inevitable. When it comes to affiliates in particular. After all, it is almost impossible to get a complete picture of all the interfaces and algorithms instantly. I learned this from my own experience. Again, don't be reserved about asking questions, we we always strive to answer them. Just don't stop exploring, learning and improving.