Galaksion's SSP With Unique Features


We are delighted to announce that our brand new self-service platform for publishers, advertisers and affiliates has just been presented in New York. We already mentioned it in our recent publications.

Finally, a preliminary version has been soft laucnhed concurrently with Affiliate Summit East 2017. In this piece, we would like to highlight some crucial new elements offered by the Galaksion advertising network. 

1. What is unique about the new Self-Service Platform? 

We know that the market is full of similar self-service platforms used for digital advertising. Thus, it has been our intention to develop a range of truly distinguishable advantages and properties intended to provide you with increased transparency, efficiency and convenience.  

Galaksion SSP Features

2. Who can use the SSP?

In fact, we have reshaped the entire architecture of our advertising solution. However, those users who want to do their business as before, either as publishers or advertisers, may continue to rely on our team of account managers. In other respects, we added three more groups for experienced customers (each application is subject to approval).

 SSP Application Criteria

3. What should I expect from the SPP?

We have decided to publish these screenshots in order to substantiate our claims regarding uniqueness and unprecedented advantages of the SSP. 


Publisher: dashboard featuring your most significant deltas


Publisher: statistics page with your traffic flow



Publisher: domains page to tune your monetization strategy


Advertiser: campaigns page


 Campaign 2 

Advertiser: campaigns page with advanced settings


Advertiser: personal blacklist 

After a series of final tests, the new engine will go live with no limitations in the very near future.