Galaksion at AAS2018


Dear affiliates and digital marketing professionals planning to attend the 2018 edition of Arab Affiliate Summit!

This post is for you. As you might already know, we are one of the sponsors of this event. This decision is a reflection of our strong focus on this region. Which is an important source of our rapid growth. We offer you to be a part of this process, so that we can benefit from it together!

Let’s meet there, on November 1st-3rd, in the beautiful city of Casablanca, Morocco!

Please, allow us to cite the following reasons why such a meeting may be of interest to you!

First, when we say that the Arab Speaking World is one of our main directions to go, we stand by our own words. Just take a look at the following daily figures direct and high-quality traffic onlyprovided by Galaksion’s platform now, in September 2018:

- Egypt – over 3M impressions on a daily basis 

- Saudi Arabia – roughly 3M impressions every day 

- UAE – approximately 2.5M impressions per day

You may be sure that these indicators of our efficiency and expansion will be even more impressive in November. In fact, we have already launched successful collaborations with such reputable advertisers (both based in your region or just active there) as Starz and ArpuPlus. We would be happy if you become one of them after the event!


Second, we assure you that the verticals in high demand among our publishers are very likely to be the same as yours. That is to say, our webmasters constantly ask for offers covering entertainment, shopping, and e-commerce. If you want to efficiently promote such products, we definitely have A LOT to discuss.


Third, our pool of publishers is known for its high-quality and clean traffic. For example, our streamers make relevant and highly engaged audiences easily available to you via our platform. More than that, as we have recently written, our team is ready to work in accordance with really complex KPIs.


Fourth, as usual, there is a special gift for those affiliates who will join our Self-Service Platform after the event: +10% to you initial deposit.

Please, contact us to book a meeting! 

Paulina Edmondson

Head of SSP

Skype: platina147

Ellen Kirhgestner
Head of Advertising Dept.
Skype: ellen.galaksion