Galaksion anti-fraud system


Are you scared of fraud? Fear not!
As we always state, we do care for your budget and our reputation, and because of that our advanced anti-fraud system protects you from all kinds of malicious activities. We detect fraud regardless of the device, ad format and GEO. Every click is investigated thoroughly by a number of parameters to make sure you get activity only from real users. No bots will pass unnoticed, as we reveal and block them.

Another important feature of our system - detecting and fixing blind spots. If an ad is displayed in a blind area where it cannot be seen by the user, such cases are monitored and not counted as impressions.

No matter how tough it may be, if the system detects any sort of violation from a publisher, we dissolve our partnership. Our team members are well aware of the fact the reputation comes first. That is why we would never let mistrust get in the way of cooperation with our partners.

Let’s sum up:
- There will be no bots, malware and any fraud. Never ever.
- Each and every ad served will be legal and transparent.
- No manipulations and miscalculations.

And let us remind you - we do not have resell traffic from other networks. The only source of ours is our publishers’ websites, that is why we are so sure of its quality.