Friends with benefits

Or why you should be friends with your manager 😄

No matter if you launch your first campaign or have 3 years of experience, you should communicate with the affiliate superman — your manager. They are always in your corner, know everything about affiliate marketing, and help to overcome the minefield of typical mistakes.

Here are the situations when you deffo need to contact your manager:
🔸 you’re a newbie who doesn’t know how to start your work on the platform;
🔸 you want to know what the top offers, GEOs, and ad formats you can drive traffic to;
🔸 optimization isn’t your strongest suit;
🔸 you’re willing to leave feedback about the platform work and campaign launch.

Don’t wait for stars to align for high profit. Your manager will share a winning formula with you: the most converting verticals + GEOs + formats. Furthermore, you can even receive creatives and pre-landers from your manager or tips from Galaksion’s optimization team.

We’ll give the floor to our bang-up managers who you’ve probably already met. We asked each of them one question: Why is it important to be friends with your manager?

There are the honest answers in the first person 🤩

“Did you have such a situation: you found an offer, tested it, but something went wrong? We saw bunches of issues like that. Your managers know the most profitable offers for Galaksion’s traffic and will be chuffed to share them with you”.
Julia Senior Affiliate Account Manager

“Be the first to know all the creatives trends and grab fresh pre-landers! How? Just stay in touch with us who monitor the affiliate market every day, test pre-landers and creatives, and can recommend you the most converting offers”.
Tonya Affiliate Account Manager

“Are you mad at all the affiliates around? Managers are also a bit like psychologists. In the harsh affiliate world, you have a friend whom you can complain to”.
Anastasia Affiliate Account Manager

“You won’t miss any opportunities because you’ll be the first to jump at every chance: contests, promo codes, missions, and new features. We, as your managers, will make sure that you keep up”.
Natalie Affiliate Account Manager