Free creatives for your campaigns!

At the end of the year, we decided to give you something that many people asked for and that no other advertising network had. Up to this moment.

Now any advertiser launching his ad campaigns via Galaksion Self-Service platform can use our creatives base . All these creatives have been tested on our trusted sources and have the highest conversion rates.

Starting campaigns and getting profit will become even easier and faster! There is no more need to make creatives yourself or pay a designer - we've done it all for you.

Creatives can be filtered by format, category and geo. Also, for your convenience, we've made it possible to search by title and description .

But that's not all. When you create a campaign, the system automatically recommends three creatives that fit your settings best.

Ready-to-use creatives will be helpful both for newcomers to our SSP and for experienced advertisers who want to test new geos and verticals.

You will find the creatives in the "Creative Templates" section on our Self-Service platform.

All you have to do is choose a creative, set up targeting, launch the campaign and wait for the profit.

Haven't registered on Galaksion platform yet? Want to try our traffic and tools? Sign up on the platform and get 12% on your first deposit with the promo code* "more_creatives" .

Check our creatives right now via the link .

*Promo code is valid until January 31, 2021 and only for new SSP members. Promo codes and bonuses are not a subject to sum.