Dynamic ads: better conversion with less effort


It’s time for us to tell you about the next update of our Self-Service platform - Dynamic Ads. Prior to that, you’ve been creating separate campaigns for different regions, cities, browsers, etc. Now you can make a universal campaign with Dynamic Ads and save your time.

What are Dynamic Ads?

In such ads, the text part changes depending on the user data, which makes it more personalized. 

A good example of personalization is a question at the beginning of the ad "Are you from country X?”. Due to these specific markers in the ad, the user subconsciously feels more involved. He has the feeling that this ad is especially for him, which increases the desire to click on the ad.

How does it work?

Personalization works through one or more macros that you insert into the Header or the Body (or both) when creating an ad campaign:

- Country: [[COUNTRY]]
- Region: [[REGION]]
- City: [[CITY]]
- Internet Service Provider: [[ISP]]
- Platform: [[PLATFORM]]
- Operating system: [[OS]]
- Browser: [[BROWSER]]

All you have to do is copy the macro with all the brackets and paste it into the text, separating it with spaces from other words.

Important note: you can create dynamic campaign on our platform not only in Native format but also in Push-notification and Push-Up formats.

What’s next?

After a campaign launch, the system automatically places a custom value instead of a macro: country, city, browser, operating system, etc. 

For example, the message "Is your [[BROWSER]] on [[OS]] working slowly?" on iPhone’s Safari will appear as "Is your Safari on iOS working slowly?”

We recommend using several macros in Header or Body at once - this makes the ad more personalized and thus increases conversion. The number of macros is limited only by the number of characters limit for each field.

How to get the most out of dynamic formats?

Email us at ssp@galaksion.com or contact your manager directly and we will be happy to answer your questions.