Big Digital Report 2021

2021 happened to be quite a year! To sum it up, we went through all the game-changing news. Enjoy the grand digital digest!


iOS 14.5 release brought a new stricter personal data usage policy. About 65% of Apple users opted out of behavior tracking. As a result, Apple now collects about 20 times less data than its Google mobile OS competitor.

Later, when iOS 15 came out, Facebook claimed a 15% decrease in ad performance. However, the company was caught still collecting data from iOS devices together with Snapchat, despite the users’ disagreement. Moreover, one study showed that ATT introduction caused only a 10% drop in bid requests.

Bytedance, Tencent, and other Сhina’s tech giants have also tested their way around Apple's new privacy rules. Does it have anything to do with Tim Cook’s secret $275 billion deal with Chinese authorities? Who knows.


Mainly thanks to changes in Apple's tracking system, Amazon's CPC rose 20%, Facebook's CPM jumped 89%, YouTube's Consumer Price Index rose 108%, Snap's CPM rose 64%, and TikTok's CPM jumped 92%. At the same time, pirate sites lost quite a bit of traffic following Google updates.

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Market lowered their commissions for developers from 30% to 15%. The big generosity party starts on January 1, 2022.

Adobe Flash rides off into the sunset. All the major browsers, Microsoft, and Adobe itself blocked the software in the very beginning of 2021. Goodbye, old friend.

The end of Cookie files is not that close. Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera will not use Google’s FLoC yet. Moreover, Firefox launches total cookie protection, while Amazon is just blocking FLoC.

Against the background of other niche difficulties, global video streaming grew by 21% in just one Q3 of 2021% plus 21% compared to the third quarter of 2020. And mainly at the 273% expense of Africa. Take your chances here maybe!


The government has got much stricter on Chinese tech giants over the past year wishing to tame and control the wealth of Alibaba, Tencent, and the others in the club. The companies had no choice but to pledge to antitrust compliance. Foreign investors were not happy about it which led to Chinese tech stocks collapse. Moreover, the US added the biggest Chinese firms to the stock ban, while India banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps.

Doesn’t look promising at all but Chinese officials still plan on overtaking the US economy by 2028. Even though Tencent and Alibaba vanish from the world's top 10 by market cap — there are no Chinese companies left. Let’s see.


Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $64,800 on April 14, 2021. It is now a legal currency in El Salvador. Mastercard and Visa are working on launching transactions in certain cryptocurrencies. And recently even Facebook has expanded advertising options for crypto. Yay!

On the other hand, India might ban private cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and develop a national digital coin, while Thailand bans meme coins and NFT token trading.


E-commerce is totally on a roll this year. Marketplaces accounted for 42% of the global online shopping market, and advertising costs on e-commerce platforms are predicted to double by 2024.

Shopee is conquering the world by opening in India and Poland at the same time disrupting Brazil's e-commerce sector. Also, its presence in Vietnam helped the local e-commerce traffic overtake Thailand and Malaysia.

Gojek merged with Tokopedia, shaping a new tech giant GoTo. And TikTok shopping jumped 553% over last year. Keep an eye on it!


The main news here is Facebook losing its positions on every front. TikTok has already beaten it in Time Spent Per User. Average time spent is up for nearly every app in every market, but few are up by as much as TikTok (325% year-over-year).

Also, documents made public allege that Facebook inflated ad metrics to make more profit. Carma came for the company: a six-hour worldwide outage cost an estimated $79m in ad revenue loss. Wondering if changing the name to Meta will change the Facebook track in any way. So far, it was voted the worst company of 2021.