Peek into the future: creatives attracting high conversions

Peek into the future: creatives attracting high conversions

Our team members aren’t fortune tellers, but they have been checking, testing, and analyzing millions of creatives daily. So they know for sure which of them will bring you profit. We talked to our specialists. Here are TOP tips from their experience to make your creatives convert.

  1. An image is your flying start. There can be a static picture or an animated GIF, but you need to catch the user’s eye. Use bright colors and contrast or large texts.
  2. Add a call-to-action button to your creative. This way, users will understand what you want from them. As an option, to press the creative.
  3. Make a button as visible as possible. For example, it can pulsate.
  4. Use short texts: no more than 80–100 characters. Express your ideas briefly but succinctly.
  5. Highlight your USP (unique selling proposition). Don’t name your product just an antivirus but show specific features: fast, free, saving of up to 80%.
  6. Local language is your advantage. English is great, but Portuguese will convert better in BR.
  7. If an offer has a time limit, don’t hesitate to use it. Show timer and text “Hurry up!” or “Hot sale!”.

Now you have secret knowledge about working creatives. Use them wisely!

But you still need to test and optimize creatives. If you don’t want to spend time and effort on that, you can always find a free and ready-to-use base of creatives on our SSP platform.