CPA payment model for Self-Service platform is now available


That’s right. Now, when you launch Popup (Popunder), On-Page Notification, or Push-Notification campaigns on the Galaksion Self-Service platform, you can pay for conversions only.

How does it work?

All CPA campaigns firstly start with a test. When creating a campaign you will be asked to define a test budget. The test budget is used to cover the cost of the test or simply to cover traffic costs. After the test will be finished, money will be charged from your regular balance as the campaign is generating conversions.

We block the test budget on the balance until the end of the test (the minimum amount of the test budget is $20 for Popup/Popunder campaigns, and $10 for On-Page Notification or Push-Notification campaigns). If the test is successful, a part or all of the budget will be returned to the balance. The success is determined by the presence of conversions at a competitive price, which depends on the specified targeting settings.


- Test budget: $20.

- Test cost: $5 (if the campaign does not generate any conversions, you will be charged for impressions).

- Budget payback: $15 .

After the test the campaign continues to generate conversions and the money is charged from the general budget.

The average duration of the test is one week, but depending on the targeting settings of the particular campaign, the test may take less time - from one day to several hours.

What do you need to start getting profit with the CPA campaign? Just set up a postback and the campaign itself! CPA payment model is available for everyone, so do not waste your time and start your profitable campaigns before others have done it!

If you have any more questions, contact your manager or email us via