Case study: ROI 357% and $3000 profit with push-notifications


ROI 357% on push-notifications on the widest geo and with minimum settings? Easy! One of our advertisers provided us with an excellent case of Galaksion traffic monetization

General info:

- Geo: WW
- Advertising format: push-notification
- Payment model: CPC
- Vertical: Utilities
- Offer: Advanced MacCleaner (direct from advertiser)
- Tracker: Voluum
- Budget: $779
- Period: 5 July - 27 November 2019


Image + icon combination is standard for Push-notification format. Advertiser used the same image in both cases, having previously performed an A/B test of different creatives. In this case we are looking at the most profitable of them.

Header: "Is Your Mac Slowing Down?" - points at user's pain.
Body: "Get Its Power Back with MacCleaner!" - offers user a solution.
A link in ad led to prelanding, which offered to install utility.

Screenshot below shows our ad creation interface with ad preview on user's device.

Campaign settings:

- Platform: Desktop
- Browsers: all (except IE and Edge)
- Languages: all
- Capping/frequency: 3/24 (3 impressions per user every 24 hours).
- Rate: $0.05


CPC rate on Galaksion platform statistics is shown in cents

According to Voluum tracker statistics, during the campaign advertiser received 700 conversions and the income was $3 565. Net profit of the advertiser - $2 785.7, ROI - 357.42%.

- Spend: $779
- Income: $3565.1
- Profit: $2785.7
- ROI: 357.42%

Was it possible to increase profits and ROI? Absolutely, yes.

If you read the case carefully, you must have noticed that the advertiser used the widest possible geos - WW. Segmentation by country would have allowed to identify geo with the highest conversion for the given offer and to exclude ineffective geos.

Also, the advertiser did not use User Activity targeting, which was released on our SSP recently. This setting allows you to target push-campaigns on users depending on their subscription period. With the help of User Activity you will be able to show ads only to the category of subscribers that gives conversion at the desired cost.

However, as you can see, with good traffic it is easy to turn $780 into $3500 even using such simple creatives and settings. 

If you have a case on Galaksion's traffic, we will be happy to discuss publishing it on our resources on special terms. If you have any questions, please contact your manager or email us at