Bad affiliates habits you should never have

We created a list of bad habits that you should kick if you want to launch a profitable campaign.

Cautious! All these stunts are performed by bad affiliates, don’t try this on your campaigns.

1️⃣ Using one creative for all campaigns
When you switch the parameters of your campaign, you change your targeted audience. So old creatives won’t work on new users. You need to adjust benefits, texts, and pictures on your offer or use Galaksion’s creatives base.

2️⃣ Putting capping/frequency — 1/24
Our specialists analyzed many campaigns and found out that the best capping is 3/24 or even more. Conversion is made only after 3–5 impressions of one ad.

3️⃣ Choosing rate much lower than traffic estimator suggested
The traffic estimator is your budget’s fortune teller. This magic tool processes data about the pricing model, format, GEO and predicts what volumes of traffic you will get with the chosen rate.

4️⃣ In creatives paying attention to features, not benefits
You see two ads about a winter coat. The first one tells you that it is green, is made of wool, and costs 100$. In the second offer, there is information that you won’t freeze in the coat even in cold winter or that you will be the trendiest person at your work. What would you choose? Most likely, the second variant. Features are only facts, but benefits explain to users how the product will solve their problems.

5️⃣ Driving traffic only to one GEO
Without a campaign launch, you can’t say which GEOs are suitable for your offer. Don’t draw early conclusions. Test different GEOs.

Forewarned is forearmed. So now you can launch your campaign without fear of failing. Go on, don’t lose your profit! ⏳