Asian traffic: why is it so good?

Why is driving traffic to Asia profitable?

We in Galaksion like to remind our partners that Asia is a gold mine for affiliates. However, we have not yet had a chance to tell in detail why this geo is so attractive and promising. It's time to sort everything out. Let's go!

There are two main factors that affect the volume and cost of Asian traffic:

  • 1. Many Asian countries began actively developing later than Western Europe or the US. However, over the past few years, the economy of Southeast Asian countries has literally shot up and, according to experts, will continue to grow.

    What does it mean? The well-being of the population is increasing, demand and purchasing power are growing: many goods and services have become more accessible, and the shopping process is easier now. So do not rush to postpone the offers that “burnt out" at other geos: here they can bring a lot of conversions!

  • 2. Technological progress in not so long ago agrarian countries like India and Thailand also does not stand still. First of all, affordable smartphones have appeared. At the same time, the dynamics of Internet penetration and the number of active solvent users have increased significantly.

    Consequently, traffic volumes have increased many times, and the multi-billion population of Asia makes this traffic cheaper than anywhere else.

Asian geos: where is the profit hidden

What do we mean when we say “Asian geos”? These are the directions that invariably give cosmic traffic volumes on all formats. Now meet them:

— India (IN) — the leader in almost all formats: thanks to the population of 1.5 billion
— Indonesia (ID) — has no equal in mobile Push traffic: 330 million impressions daily
— Vietnam (VN) — top destination for launching a desktop On-Page that covers almost 3 million per day
— Malaysia (MY), the Philippines (PH), Thailand (TH), and Singapore (SG) are also major and often underestimated players: take a look at the numbers on the chart! Better start driving now, before others find out!

By the way, do not forget to diversify geos: launch as many campaigns as possible for different countries, so as not to miss out on unexpected profit.

Asian GEOs daily traffic volumes in Galaksion at the moment

Campaigns launching tips

How to choose creatives?

The East is a delicate matter. As with any target audience, it is important to understand the user’s needs and values before launching a campaign. In the case of Asian countries though, cultural aspects are crucial as well.

Most locals celebrate national holidays, attach certain meanings to colors and believe in the magic of numbers (11.11 AliExpress Sale). So don’t be too lazy to make a fact check, so as not to accidentally launch hundreds of creatives in mourning white color in India, for example.

What language to use?

In Asia, few people speak English, except for the former British colonies: India, Singapore, etc.

It is better to use the native language of the country in which you are launching a campaign. Even Google Translate can handle simple formulations in Thai and Indonesian, and when you start scaling campaigns — do not skimp on paying for the translator's work so that the localization of the text is at a decent level.

Сonverting creatives examples

There is no successful creative formula for Asia, even when all the nuances were taken into account. Only A/B tests won’t ever let you down. Often, somewhere in a hundred creatives, 1-2 cherished sources of profit are hidden. By the way, ready-made free creatives on our Self-Service platform will make it easier for you: we have already tested their effectiveness on our traffic.

How do I set up targeting?

As elsewhere, the campaign parameters strongly depend on the chosen offer. Who is going to use this product and why? In the case of Asia only one thing is invariable: spare no expense for huge mobile traffic volumes, there is enough for everyone.

At the same time, we insist you do not forget about desktop devices: if a smartphone is available to everyone, then a personal computer is something more desired. Draw your own conclusions here :)

What offers to drive traffic to?

With the right settings in Asia, you can drive traffic to almost all the mainstream verticals. The ones always relevant are Utilities, extensions, VPN — everything that will simplify surfing the Internet and beef up your gadget.

CPM is more than attractive here — and this is only the popup format:

— VPN: IN — 0.25$, MY — 0.95$
— Apps: IN — 0.3$, MY — 1.0$
— Extensions: IN — 0.35$
— Push subscriptions: IN — 0.11$, ID — 0.25$, VN — 0.35$
Look for statistics on other formats on our platform in the Traffic Volumes section.

However, the real treasure of Asian geos is e-commerce. On the days of sales, our partners make ROI of up to 250% on this vertical.

Want to know how? We will reveal all the tips and tricks of working with Asian retail soon. Stay tuned for updates!