Sit on a gold mine with Affiliate Marketing Golden Rules

Galaksion has been working for 7 years, testing different GEOs, formats, and verticals. We have derived the high-profit formula and are willing to share it with you. That is because your success is our success.

Here are our rules:

1️⃣ The more traffic, the more conversions

If we draw a sales funnel, the first step is traffic volume. We can measure it by impressions. On the second step, there are clicks on your ad, and on the third — conversions. To get more conversions, you need to increase the results of the previous steps. Thus, our first task is to expand traffic volumes. We can do it in several ways: to choose a competitive rate, to increase capping/frequency, and to expand targeting options to which you launch your campaign (if it doesn’t contradict the offer).

2️⃣ The purchase is made for 2–5 impressions

When a user sees an ad 1–2 times, a brand image is created in the brain. From 3-4 impressions the brand seems familiar and is chosen more frequently. For instance, you travel to a new country and want to buy toothpaste. What will you choose: an unfamiliar company or Colgate? More likely you will prefer the second variant because familiarity seems safe.

3️⃣ Avoid survivorship bias by choosing creatives

If you don’t like the creative, it doesn’t mean that it’s not converting. You need to test it to draw conclusions. That is the reason why we provide you with A/B creatives tests on the platform. You can create multiple creatives at once in the same advertising campaign.

4️⃣ One for everything

User behavior may vary for many reasons. If you choose only one creative or combination of parameters you lose part of your audience. Diversify your campaign for different platforms and personalize your creatives to cover more users. Meanwhile, don’t overnarrow the audience down too intensely. You have no need to reach out to only one user if your product is suitable for hundreds of people.

5️⃣ Optimize and win

One try can be not enough to choose a suitable combination of settings. You need to analyze statistics, find zones that bring good results, create a new campaign, and add converting zones to white lists. Don’t exclude any zones, you can miss good opportunities.

Now you have your ace in the hole against competitors. Use it right now 🃏