All you need to know about RTB traffic


RTB stands for Real Time Bidding, it is a technology based on the OpenRTB protocol, which is an advertising auction.

How does RTB work?

When a user opens our webmaster’s site, the system sends a request to advertiser's servers with user data (geo-, OS, device type, etc.). Advertisers, who chose such targets, participate in the auction and, as a result, the user sees the ad of the advertiser whose bid was the highest. The auction takes place in a fraction of a second, and if the advertiser's server does not respond fast enough, he is automatically dropped out of the auction.

What makes our RTB traffic special?

Most advertising networks sell through RTB remnant or resell traffic bought from other networks, adding their commission. As a result, the quality of such traffic is significantly impaired, as it is resold from one network to another. The final product is expensive low-quality traffic. Galaksion does not have that problem, because we never resell traffic. Our traffic comes exclusively from our webmasters, we always know its source and are responsible for quality. Even push-notifications user base is collected completely by us from our sites.

What else do you need to know about our RTB traffic?

All our advertisers can buy traffic using CPC or CPM models depending on the ads format.

We value our partnership with webmasters a lot, so we have advanced technical solutions to filter ads that violate our rules to protect our webmasters from unwanted content.

To buy advertising via OpenRTB protocol you need your own system and a server, and that is why RTB is mostly used by advertising networks.. However, we also work with individuals for whom we have separate advertising accounts.

As in any complex advertising system, sometimes there are differences in statistics between our side and the advertiser - discrepancies. With large discrepancies in the data it might be simply unprofitable for the advertiser to work with the network. Since we value our reputation and always focus on the win-win partnership, we take this problem on ourselves. The advertiser pays only for the number of clicks or impressions, which are shown in his system.

Which target settings are available for the RTB?

Same as on all our advertising platforms:

- Country/region/city

- Platform

- OS

- Browser

- Browser language

- Timezone targeting

- Frequency/capping

- Black/white lists


- For push-notifications: user ID, LTV, timestep, etc.

If you work in an advertising network and are looking to buy direct RTB traffic, contact us: