About start in affiliate marketing by your friend’s words

About start in affiliate marketing by your friend’s words

You’ve got a message from your pal who’s making money with affiliate marketing since 2014. Imagine: we’re sitting together in the kitchen, drinking tea or coffee, and discussing your affiliate career start. Let’s begin from the base.

⚡️ In plain language, affiliate marketing is a model that connects companies wishing to promote their product or services on websites and people doing that for them and getting a commission.

So the main components of this market are:
🔹 advertisers — people who find the ways of the most effective product advertising;
🔹 CPA offers — promoted products or services;
🔹 publishers — website owners that give advertising places on their websites for rent.

It would be difficult to organize this process by yourself. So there are CPA companies that provide advertisers with CPA offers and advertising networks that sell publishers’ traffic to advertisers. Our company Galaksion is one of the ad networks.

⚡️ Today we’ll plunge into the advertiser career. What do you need to become one and launch your first campaign? Swipe and get the ready-to-use instruction.

Get the most useful tools:
🔸 Spy service
With competitor research tools like Adplexity, you can check the competition and choose the profitable niche (vertical).
🔸 Offer and landing
Search for the offer with the highest payment in services like Affbank and Offervault. There you can also get a landing for your offer.
🔸 Tracker
You need a tracker to optimize your campaigns.

Choose the way you pay for traffic. The most used pricing models are:
🔸 CPC (cost per click) — payment for click;
🔸 CPM (cost per mille) — payment for every 1000 impressions;
🔸 CPA (cost per action) — payment for target action: subscription, install, purchase. There are different subtypes of CPA: CPI, CPL, CPS, and RS.

Pick an ad network that matches all your requirements. CPA is the most beneficial pricing model as you pay only for conversions. This way you’re not afraid of money loss. Not all networks allow you to pay on a CPA. Find the one with this payment model. Luckily, you can skip this step because you’re already on the page of such ad network Galaksion.

⚡️Now you have everything to launch your first campaign.

Here’s the mistake many advertisers make: not talking to their personal managers. Be in touch with your manager as they know what converts better right now with the traffic.

  • Your path in an ad network should go this way:
  • 📌 Fill in the legal info in the “Profile” section for correct payments.
  • 📌 Make a deposit in the “Payments” section choosing the payment method. The minimum deposit is $50 and if you have any questions, you can reach our support team via Telegram @galaksion_support or email ssp@galaksion.com.
  • 📌 Choose an ad format among popunders, pushes, on-page notifications, teasers, and others. Your personal manager will give you tips for your offer.
  • 📌 Get a creative for launch. You can use your own creatives or take them from our huge free, tested base.
  • 📌 Set up the campaign’s settings. The traffic estimator on the platform and your personal manager will help you to do this.
  • 📌 Test various landings and keep the most converting.
  • 📌 Add up to 10 creatives in one ad campaign and test them at the same time to find the one bringing more profit.
  • 📌 Launch a campaign and be ready to improve it. There’s nothing wrong if your campaign doesn’t bring profit from the first time. In this case, you can optimize it with creatives, traffic zones, expenses, titles, and other targeting options.
  • 📌 After the first results, scale your campaign to reach for more. You can do that by diversifying GEOs and formats.

This is only one post of the huge affiliate marketing world. All you need to start making money is to beat blank page syndrome and jump at the chance. You don’t have any more excuses. Register now and open Pandora’s box of opportunities!