2021 in Galaksion summed up

End of December — time to summarize the annual achievements.

Your devoted friends and dedicated helpers, aka the Galaksion team, have quite a strong record of achievements in 2021. In case you’ve missed any of the new cosmic features, let’s go through them all!

How are our Advertisers doing?
— They have got a fresh format — Interstitial — one more opportunity to drive profit to both mobile and desktop devices.
— Creatives can now be A/B tested: launch a campaign and see which out of 10 options performs best. Use auto-optimizator’s help if needed.
— Make your profit endless in just one click with the Galaksion referral program: share a link and get 3% from every referral's spending. Earning’s never been easier! Try it out!
— Want to feel like an advertising special agent? Accept a new mission in our gAdvertiser League! Every hero gets rewarded, remember!

And what about Galaksion publishers?

— Our site-buttons and interstitials are now rocking publishers’ profit. Yes, they are new, and the feedback we get is really amazing. Do try them out, if you haven’t yet!
— Total traffic volume has increased twice! New GEOs are being explored: MX, BR, ZA, NG, here we come!
— We’ve put a lot of work into the publishers' panel too. It’s getting faster and easier-to-use year by year, and don’t forget about a new referral section as a cherry on top!

In 2021, we’ve been a great team! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be working so hard to boost our network. And what’s more, we would never get a prestigious Accesstrade Top Indonesian Traffic Source award. That’s our common success, thank you!

Can’t wait to conquer 2022 together with you, dear partners! Big cosmic hugs!