5 most common beginner affiliate mistakes, part 2


How not to throw your ad budget away?

We have put together 5 more common mistakes that greatly affect advertisers’ profit (novice’s especially). A must-read for both beginners and experienced specialists.

So, what can rain on your parade?

1. Judging the target audience by your standard
“I wouldn't buy this thing, so we’re not going to sell it”. While some advertisers adhere to this faulty strategy, others consistently take advantage of such offers as magic enlargement creams and slimming pills.
However, it’s better to understand the advertised product after all. Otherwise, how will you explain its benefits to the user?

2. Mindless copying of cases and creatives
Everything about profit is confidential. However, after this information is no longer relevant and becomes publicly available, you can still get the most out of it: some “offer+creative+targeting” sets keep working, and sometimes you just get lucky. The main thing is to do everything deliberately and take things slow.

3. Poor vertical choice
There is a fairly high barrier to entry in certain verticals. Some have very high lead cost, and others require a large team or pricey software. And often it takes a while to find out all that. To estimate the offer profitability, you’ll have to spend more than one lead cost. The more expensive the lead is, the higher the price of the test.

4. One campaign for both mobile and desktop traffic
User behavior may vary depending on the device. It's obvious, you might say. But no, many people keep forgetting about such a simple rule. Sometimes, at the earliest stages of tests, it makes sense to start and see the result faster. However, once you're sure everything works fine, it's time to launch separate campaigns for different devices.

5. Search for the magic button
What is the chance to win several times in a row at roulette, constantly betting on zero? Only very short-sighted players rely on luck so blindly. The same is true for affiliate marketing. Yes, you may be lucky, but in order to start earning a good income, you will have to invest time, effort, and money first. There is no magic pill or instant profit button.

And you should also constantly update your knowledge because in our field everything is changing at warp speed. Therefore, the list is to be continued very soon!