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Over the recent years, the diversity of traffic sources has become as great as the number of affiliate programs. With some sources you have to spend a lot of time setting up the ads; others require significant money investments while the rest sources need thorough examination when they don’t produce desirable conversions.

What interesting and important events have happened in the past week? For example, the first bank fully hosted in Google Cloud was launched, Google released several updates of its advertising tools, and in July Amazon Prime will have a new serious competitor.

We have prepared for you the list of best combinations of our formats, GEOs and verticals, which will help you achieve your financial goals. 

Last Friday Galaksion celebrated its 6th Birthday🎉, but the week was also remarkable by bringing to our attention many interesting news from digital advertising, mobile apps and eCommerce.

Did another year just fly by like a comet? Yes, and we are so happy about it!

In today's news digest from 🛸 Galaksion: updated TikTok ad tools, a new Google media policy and Google Analytics block in Apple Safari.