Video Ads with Galaksion: A New Direction


The team of the Galaksion Advertising Network is happy to announce the upcoming release of our solution for video advertising. It is a relatively new direction for us. However, we are sure that this engine will propel us to the top in this sector. After all, we will offer one of the best platforms in terms of transparency, efficiency, convenience, and quality.  


First of all, we would like to stress that we are not going to launch a separate web presence for this solution. It will be available and accessible on our main website which is already very well known.  

Formats We Offer to Advertisers      

In-Stream All-Roll: your video ads can be shown at any moment you need. That is to say, you can choose any option from the following list. 


  • Pre-roll: the ads are displayed before the video starts
  • Mid-roll: the ads are displayed in the middle of the video
  • Post-roll: the ads are displayed after the video ends
  • Point-roll: at any moment (for example, 5th minute or 60th second).  

Video Banners are a basic out-steam format which resembles a regular banner. However, it displays video ads instead of static illustrations.   


Advantages We Offer to Advertisers   

However, this combination of formats is not our key advantage as a vendor. After all, you can always find such a mix with other providers. Thus, our key to success consists of both this combination on the one hand and the following factors on the other hand:

  • 100% transparent stats, in full accordance with the IAB standards. That is to say, you have simultaneous access to viewability metrics, view through rates, and amount of interactions 
  • 100% brand-safety of your inventory
  • Our view count is performed in accordance with the MRC standard. In other words, each view counts only if 50% of ads' pixels are in a user's visibility zone for at least two consecutive seconds 


We did our best to cover the needs of as many webmasters as possible. So we can offer:

  • VAST-tags for those who have their own video players supporting VAST
  • Video Banners for those who have no video content on their websites.

Advantages We Offer to Publishers

  • Exclusively branded ads without online-gambling, adult content, and click-unders. Your work with us guarantees that you will not suffer from sanctions imposed by search engines
  • High CPM rates
  • Once again, if there is no video content on your pages, our video banners will be useful for you.

To Sum Up

If you have a site with a player supporting VAST - and you want to monetize your web-presence - we are already waiting for your enquiries and requests.  

If you have no player on your website but you like the idea of having a video banner on your pages, we will be happy to receive your applications.

If you want to promote your products and services via an efficient advertising solution, video ads, we would be delighted to talk to you!  

Contact us to learn more and to become one of our first partners if the field of video advertisers.