Find your Tier 1 vertical match

In the previous posts we’ve discussed what Tier 1 traffic looks like today and why you should include it in your campaigns’ strategy.

⚡️Quick sum up: Tier 1 traffic sources bring the most solvent audience to your offers. Yet these users are very demanding of ads so one might want to refresh the existing approach. If you hit the target though, the payouts here will send your income straight to outer space.

Today, let us go through the main verticals that are proven to be 100% conversion boosters for Tier 1 campaigns. They are not something you haven’t met working with Tier 3 Asian traffic, however, they’ve got their specificity for sure.

For example, when it comes to golden Asian e-commerce, this vertical lives a good isolated life thanks to huge regional marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia. It is important to realise that e-commerce doesn’t look the same and will not work the same way in the US, Canada or Central Europe. The local Tier 1 players like Amazon, eBay and Zalando are not so easy to drive traffic to. What is our affiliate to pick then?!

⚡️Turn your attention to tech-related offers. Anything that may apply to a smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet:

🔹Extensions — small software module for customising a web browser including user interface modifications, cookie management, work-related instruments etc.
🔹VPN services — tools that extend a private network across a public network and enable users to send and receive data without sharing their actual IP address.
🔹Antiviruses — aka anti-malware — computer programs used to prevent, detect, and remove malware.
🔹Cleaners — apps that can help you tweak and optimize your phone's performance.
🔹Utilities — a huge vertical full of offers that can be installed to the user's device. Here comes the CPI model too. We will cover it soon.

Keep in mind that these verticals, just like e-commerce, can be defined as ‘white’ and produce profit without violating any Tier 1 countries regulators’ rules.

Some GEO stats as a cherry on top of this Tier 1 cake ⬇️

GEO — Daily impressions — CPM rate:

🔹US — 7 684 363 — $1.36
🔹GB — 2 827 859 — $0.93
🔹CA — 1 447 571 — $0.72
🔹AU — 649 323 — $0.83
🔹NZ — 128 610 — $0.48

Ready to open the Tier 1 profit treasury? Or do you wish for more affiliate hacks? Stay tuned for our next posts where we will look into every vertical in more detail!