Test Campaigns FAQ


Space profit to everyone!

Recently we wrote about  5 types of traffic sources. Today we continue to share useful tips and answer your questions about tests.

How to choose a high converting offer?

If you read our post about 5 types of traffic sources, you already know which exactly source to choose for testing 😉 Then we recommend you to ask your AM about the verticals and targets worth trying. Choose offers according to this advice.

GEO MATTERS! What geo to choose?

Relevant test results always require relevant volumes of traffic. Therefore we need to choose the largest geos from the corresponding section.

We highly recommend paying attention to Asian geos: IN, ID, VN, PH, TH, MY, SG. Along with the active economy growth in these countries, purchasing power is also increasing, while CPM rates are still affordable enough.

AMOUNT MATTERS! How many campaigns do we need to test one offer?

First of all, it depends on the offer itself and the targets required for it.

For example, if we advertise a mobile application, it is worth testing 1-2 geos, several ad formats, OS, browser, creatives, titles and landing pages.

For the offers with less narrow targets, we will need geo, mobile/desktop, ad formats, also creatives and titles versions. Besides, it's better to create one campaign for each set of targets.

Although ... there is an option to take a shortcut - your AM is surely to suggest the most profitable targets and help you save your budget.


BUDGET MATTERS! How to calculate the budget for tests?

No one is able to give us exact numbers until the first conversion arrives and we calculate its minimum costs. However there’s one certain thing: the cleaner and better traffic is that you, the cheaper tests will be. Also the first results will be visible earlier. Hope the hint is clear😄.

We also remind you about our cash back for campaigns with IN - Android - Chrome targets. Here are the conditions.