SSP: Inventory Planner


Our product team is happy to share one more good piece of news with our customers. We have recently launched a new product feature – our SSP’s inventory planner. As we hope, this element will make your activities even more efficient and easy.

The planner’s goal is to show how productive our operations will be, depending on a particular target you select. In the screenshot below you can see an example. Pay attention to ‘Expected volume’ to see how it looks like.

Everything is easy. You insert your GEO targets and receive adequate traffic estimates immediately after that. We believe that such an instrument is a ‘must have’ for any digital marketing tool. That is why we are so glad to be in the right position to offer it to you. As our Head of SSP says, ‘now we have this necessary, helpful and, most importantly, precise tool to help you create bids associated with your advertising campaigns’.

Galaksion is planning to introduce a range of other new features by the end of 2018. But you don’t have to wait that long. Feel free to try it now!

Contact our SSP for more details: 

Paulina Edmondson


Skype: platina147