Golden rules of monetising websites

Golden rules of monetising websites

Are publishers here? We’ve prepared golden rules of monetising websites special for you 😎

Imagine that you broke a piggy box and just got money. It’s that easy! The same goes for our tips. Just use them and increase your profit.

1️⃣ Work on websites content
Decent content is the first thing you need to keep users on your site. Never stop improving your content: make the site easy to use, add juicy design, and bang-up texts. Don’t forget to update your website with trendy info! A new film came out? Make sure that you attract users who look for the movie.
2️⃣ Engage your audience in activities
When you attract users to your site, you need to increase audience activities. The more users interact with a website, the more likely the conversions are to happen. And conversions mean money. That way your income will grow either. You can push users to action via texts to achieve your goal.
3️⃣ Open websites for new GEOs
It helps you to diversify your content. So you can easier make a steady flow of traffic and hold it.
4️⃣ Choose from a wide variety of ad formats
Pick formats that match the best with your traffic and combinate them to complete each other. Make sure you consult your manager about any questions.
5️⃣ Take steps to reduce the impact of ad blockers
Ad blockers are out of your control mostly, but it doesn’t mean that you should surrender. For example, you can recommend users to remove their ad blockers explaining the reasons that relate to them.
6️⃣ Make sure that your site works perfectly on all devices and browsers
If your site loads promptly and has workable UX, you’ll have high involvement. A friendly reminder: our tags are asynchronous. That is why they don’t influence your site’s download speed.
7️⃣ Choose an affiliate network you trust
Galaksion has been working for 8 years growing our base of trustworthy, high-paying advertisers. To have your site in the top position in search, you need to get high-quality offers from reliable, long-term partners.

Feel free to contact your manager in any situation. We are a team that works together on traffic and its benefits! The manager is ready to reveal all the secrets about profit to you. You’ve got all you need to monetise your website. Use it right now!