Our SSP Has Gone Live!


Our long-awaited Self-Service Platform has gone live. At the moment, the new engine works for publishers only. However, the new functions for advertisers will also become available very soon. It is also noteworthy that the range of features available to publishers will be gradually expanded as well.

We, the team of Galaksion, are happy to invite webmasters and site owners to start cooperating with us, in a new format and in accordance with the new terms. Yes, we have recently launched the Self-Service Platform for digital advertising professionals mentioned in one of our previous announcements. So, if you want to work with us as an independent actor tuning your own campaigns and setting your own priorities, we will be delighted to receive your application.

You can either register here or contact us here.

Just in case you don't remember what we offer, here is what we promise. Right now, as we have already said, the platform available is not a complete and ultimate version. It will be upgraded step by step and attain its final form.

However, right now we are in the right position to offer you the following elements:  

Your Dashboard

Your Statistics 

 Your Domains 

As you can see here, the final version of our SSP will be deeper and more cutting edge after we finalize the improvements planned. We will notify our future partners about all the changes immediately.

Feeling curious? Try the SSP from Galaksion! After all, it is free :)